Tuesday, May 12, 2009

His mother told him that there was thunder and lightening last night and that the tooth fairy doesn't travel during inclement weather. On noticing his skepticism, she added that the lightening bolts could damage the fairy's delicate wings...

What if he tells his friends at school or worse yet, what if he never believes me again...


  1. so sorry! the only times I've ever forgotten, the kid was already 'wise' to the ol' tooth fairy ploy...so he just brought me his bag in the morning with a smirk and I handed over a dollar. lol.

  2. :) Yes, plus she has to travel all over the place collecting teeth from all over the place.

    Must be a tough job!


  3. Oh boy am I glad I don't have that job!

  4. my 7 year old just got a visit from the tooth fairy last night. luckily the tooth was lost close to bedtime, like 10 minutes before, so the tooth fairy remembered to make the stop. maybe a belated visit with a note included that the tooth fairy gps crashed and got a little lost on the way. think he would buy that?

  5. Ooh, the tooth was lost... What a kind tooth fairy!!

    I am sure our tooth fairy will try to be more attentive next tooth...

  6. A fun Tooth Fairy experience happened with my friend, Gerb, and her daughter, too. It ended up with me just having to deliver some 'treasures.'


    Luckily, since we're such good friends, there wasn't a revenge after all...

    BTW, I stumbled across you through Blog Explosion.