Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Terra Nova Tears

My 7 year old is about to take his Terra Nova exam. He is in 1st grade and, as you probably know, this is the requisite standardized tests for first grade. We were discussing it in the car on the way home from school this afternoon. To ease his apparent anxiety, I told him not to worry about it because I would love him just the same if he got all the answers right or if he got them all wrong. He seemed surprised by this and asked me why he had to take the test at all if that was the case. I tried to explain to him that the test was really to make sure that the teacher was doing her job - that the State was testing the teacher. He looked at me in all his innocence and asked "Then why doesn't my teacher take the test tomorrow then mummy?" It's certainly worth considering...


  1. Good point....
    We have donut week the week of the Terra Nova's. I told my kids that 'studies say' eating donuts improves test scores. So, since I am usually the 'healthy food queen', the week of donuts is something they look forward to every year!

  2. Your son makes a good point (:
    I hope he did well!