Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh I Showed Him Alright...

Who taught whom what exactly?
So it's been 7 months since we last spoke. Seven months, a pair of hiking boots, 1 teenage son and a standoff...

My son, as I'm sure you recall, left his boots on the front step after a trip to Greece in May. I silently waited for him to clean them off and take them up to his room. Seven months later and there they are...

It is now snowing and you would think that my 15 year old son might need his boots. Alas no. Allow me to explain...

I planned on teaching my son about responsibility. This was going to be a lesson in "I told you so.." but who taught whom what exactly?

The snow came down last week and a smirk developed along my lips. Finally...

Unperturbed, my son went right to his dad's wardrobe, took out his old boots and walked out the front door right past the old "Greek" boots.

So who taught whom what exactly?

There the boots sit. Clearly he isn't bothered by them. Clearly he has no intentions of moving them. His feet have grown 3 full sizes since May so he has no use for them. I can't move them, it's a point of pride now. Oh I showed him alright...


  1. Good article! Funny as well, so who taught who? I wonder. . .

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  6. I’m quite confused. ����‍♀️ Why didn’t you just tell him to move the boots? They’re taking up prime real estate on the porch. Did you ever think prompting him to donate the boots would teach him about responsibility AND empathy? Perhaps a Sara Macloughlin commercial would motivate him. That works so well for my son Kai. He can be a real putz sometimes �� I love these blogs. They’re so open ended and insightful...keep fighting the good fight Claire. P.S. What are you feeding this guy? My Kai hasn’t hit his growth spurt yet ����

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