Sunday, August 9, 2009

You Pay For It Mum....

My youngest son had clearly outgrown his bicycle. This was strikingly obvious as his knees hit his chin with each revolution of the wheel.

It was time for a new bike.

Times being what they are, I suggested to my son that he buy a bike with his own pocket money. He agreed and scoured the internet until he had found the bike of his 7 year old dreams.

Pocket money in hand, he headed for the door. With one foot out the door, he stopped abruptly and turned to me with a thoughtful gaze...
He suggested to me that I should pay for his bike. He went on to explain that he had taken 7 years to save his $47 worth of pocket money and he didn't want to spend it all on a bike that he would probably outgrow in a year. What's more, he added, once he spent his pocket money, it would be gone whereas I get money every week from my job. Therefore, using his 7 year old logic, I should pay for the bike!

Oh life through the eyes of a child...


  1. That would be your cue to open a discussion about ways in which he could earn money, such as a weekly allowance based on certain household chores, or doing odd jobs (at his age, probably things like raking leaves under supervision).

  2. Good point! All of my children help out around the house. My youngest sweeps the kitchen floor, pulls weeds and helps to wash the car...

  3. Children are really amusing.

    One of my brother in faith Jocel scolded his son and warned him not to call him Dad anymore because he does not follow what was told.

    Silence ensued then suddenly his son shouted. Jocel, Jocel please forgive me!

  4. What an interesting issue - I wonder what a "dad" is to a young child...

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  7. You’re going to pay for the bike, right?